Friday, January 28, 2005

Love - A dreamers way of life !

Love - A dreamers way of life .

Thought that I would be writing the prophecy ...

But when I reached home today drenched .. I made a point that I would call this

A dreamer ways of life and may be live the prophecy to be realised .

Its winter now , I harsh winter bites into the harsh reality ..

A dreamers way of life .. is left to be realised .

The white mist sorrunded the skies , when I was looking at the skies I left it to be realised that today was the day !

A day , a dreamers way of life would takes it toll on the bored mortals !

A shabby way of life , the clothes torn .. with a couple of coins dangling in the pocket I walk down the street . As the flashing headlights bedazzle my glasses.

The trickling drops of rain .. which sparkle round city lifes pleasure .

When destiny is close , when the road is harsh ... Its time to battle it out !

Trust , truth .. the words doesnt really matter .. because for now the question of the reality is down the drain.

Why did u look back , y did u smile ... y did my heart stop when I saw u !

WHY WHY ... do I cry .. why do I want winter and rains together ... LOVE my dear has touched my soul ... or rather you my dear have touched me like an angel !

u and I are today nothing but a few faces in the mist !

So , I await spring my dear ! Spring .. will bring sunshine my dear !

Why Cant I sleep .. sleep seems to be a dream to me .. as long as I pine for u !

Death is the option which leads to so much of feeling !

The confused soul of mine wants peace !

To let there be PEACE .. for the love to be realised !



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Monday, January 17, 2005

Love - The conquest to discover !

Love - A conquest to discover !

Who am I ? I question ... I wonder ...
Am I someone's dream ? or rather someone's misery !
I try to discover myself as I go along life !
Life , sweet old life , plz help me discover the tears which govern my soul ...
Love , Life and solace ... I am not the truth ....
I only a part of me .. a part of me which deals with the darkness of my love ... The darkness .... the dark blue life .. where u want to run away ... u run away from the depths from of ur heart to the place where there is no one to disturb u ...
U need to discover urself ...
The conquest not to conquer .. not to destroy but to discover ...
Here .. I strike the optimistic cord of life ....
How many of us ... can tell urself ... tht I am here to discover ...
Discover .. .. how u lose ur ownself .. in a conquest to ... become someone else .. .. I cry .. I cry ... why why .. I question ....
Wish I could say ... Sweet Home Alabama .. .. like the song ....
I going into phase of unknown ...
Where ..The dark night ... The green forests .. take their turn amongst the concrete ..hearts of today ....
The hearts which are nothing but concrete ..and concrete ....
Things are getting so complicated ..... complicated and simple the nature ..i am associated with ....
Deep , dark and blue ....
sometimes u take a blow to discover ..
U take utter chaos to be at peace ....
In the long lonesome highway .. when u smoke the day's last cigarrette....
U pine to be ... there ...
Help the god which lies above ...
And bless the hell the which lies below...
For ..Life is the discovery of nothing but nothing !
The feeling of nothingness .. abscence ..grabs me and puts be into the dust .. dust .. the utter dust ....
Today .. Mea Culpa amongst us !
Dare 2 Dream .. feels a bit hollow today !
But still.. the euphoria sorrounds as the call of nemesis descends ...



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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Love - The rains

Love - The rains !
Imagine ....
In a forest filled with green trees , you sit in a bunglow , a quit place where you only hear the calmness of nature.
The beauty of the nature seems to drain all ur senses. The senses which seem to touch u .
The silence grabs u , the fresh oxygen u take in is as pure as the redness of ur blood my dear friend.
You are on place on the hills sorrounded by the forest.The heavy mist settles on the hills as it does to the on your heart .
You are too lazy to get up , ur lazy self is relaxed as if u just had a steamy kiss.
A gulp of vodka is nothing but , the night which sorrounds you . You sit back , you sit still , you suddenly watch the clouds coming towards u .
The forest is dark , but the uniqueness which sorrounds it is u .
You realise the truth of beauty , you want to hear the voice utter your name , those wonderful lips bless u with balmier kisses sweeter than the dewy rose.
It feels as if u take her in ur arms as the sudden cold shiver runs down ur sweaty spine as the cold breeze hits u .
You wait for it to rain . Rain in the hills , the beauty of it amazes u ...
The clattering on the green forests and the green forests great greener with a new lease of life .
You sit back and sit where am I on heaven or in earth.
As the rain trickles down the green leafs ....
You feel it , you taste it !
You taste it senses go biserk !
Senses and sensuality are the parts of ur soul that make u up !
She walks downs the mud path .. with a small umbrella and a candle in her hand . Her feminity it attracting u to move forward .
Ur mind overworks to understand the beating of ur heart for her .

Soul has brought u here and love will take u from here .
My dear , the road ahead is cold but lovely ....
The warm hearts will light up the road as we move ahead !
May God Bless u !

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Love - the dreams

Love , Life and me ..

Walking down the dark night ..
Looking towards you with a soul in a heart ..

I touch u , I cry and I say 'I love U' ...

The touch of the soul is much more than the beating of hearts .....

Think , think again .. before u kiss ??

r ur souls kissing ?

Life's like this ... Love kills but love is source ..

Love is life , Love is me , Love is the euphoric Dream..

Realise it .. Love it !!

The souls of love may enlighten in this dark night ..

Where I hear nothing but the clocks ticking and hearts beatings..

Let's reach heaven and hell tonight !

Lets be the lovers of mythology tonight !

Only to say 'I love You '

Dare 2 Dream

Euphoric Dreamer

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