Friday, February 25, 2005

Love - The dream continues !

e dream continues ...

"So Small God laughed a hollow laugh . and skipped away cheerfully , Like a rich boy in shorts . He whistled , kicked stones , The source of his brittle elation was relative smallness of his misfortune . He climbed into peoples eyes and became an exasperating expression "

- The God of Small things - Arundhuti Roy !

The dream means the dream ,
No psuedo intelligent stuff .
No allusions ..

And no psycadelic stuff !

and i dont think i got the spelling right !

The same old cliches that overwell ur life !

The bridge acrross troubled waters ....u look out to the moon !

The reflections .. amidst a thousand other things is mind blowing !

The god of small things is a book i am reading ..
It very sweet u know !

Think abt it .. the small things like starting with the very element of a person breathings is something u need to think abt !

Turning the stones in the life ,
i move accross the things !

Problems are no more problems ...

Think abt it when u have fight with a million organisms for a breath of life !

hey .. my friend ,
look back the fight of life is quite beautiful !

Looking the water the blazing lights .. darkness seems to be calling ..

the way of life which i have realised is left to be realised by anyone and everyone ..

It needs no ....minds ...just the ability to follow ur heart !

Realisation is a long story .... I realised it accross the shadows ..

u might realise it on another walk of life !

Coming back to life as u might say it !

The plain simple confusion that lies ahead in the road !

I keep repeating the way of road .. may be because all i have is tht road !

The horizon allures me ... the verge of discovery calls me ...

Call of light ....

The eyes give away the show of light !

Stop !!

A pause !

the pause is wht i want my dear from u !

The flicker of hope which keeps me alive ...

Amidst all , and everything .. jus stop to a pause !

The mist descends .. the night darkens ... the radio loudens ....

And I am awake ...

Trying to keep my eyes ...

together ... pain .. it is a pain simply pain ....

Pain I wish to undergo ... I want to know nothing else ...

Be there when I am gone ! !

Let me sign it off I know ..

For I want the exercise dried up tear ducts in my eyes !

Its time I cry !

Its time I sleep ! ....

Euphoric DreamZ !

Dare 2 dream !