Monday, June 20, 2005

Night - Nostalgia - Memories - Beyond Love

Seriously trying to write a bit seriously !
( If u can .. pardon me for wht ever spelling mistakes i make )

The night has always been kind of special for me .. or has it become so ! when people like me who are not very prominent into the light .. take a chance upon to shine in the night ! I love to sleep .. but at times .. i simply dont want to sleep times i get a bit to confused with myself .... sleep is not an option really .

Today .. the night was .. really wonderful.. the stormed affaris ..

the storm which blew away the sweltering heat .. the heat which scorched us through the depth of night .... the thunders were really good ! Really smell the .. the sweet smell .. of wet mud .. hearing the croaking of frogs ... actually .. the moon which is abt to reach full state seems to be staring at me does the night lights of the street across my home .. i silence is too god .. ..i think abt it .. so many ppl are sleeping ...and they are ...having the peace of sleep .. ..

The night is too quite .. and suddenly as if .. bob dylan .. sings .. ..
ooooooooo...... its getting dark dark to see...feel i am knocking on heavens doors ..knock knock knocking on heavens door !

The nostalgia ..creeps in ... creeps into the darkest of emotions .... where you miss your past .. ...may be i miss the person ..who was .. a lot simpler ..i life ..actually ..not really equipped to ..declare a war on reality ... last year ..taught me so many things ...... the months of loneliness after leaving school .... where other people are waging war once more ... and u hope to reach a peace treaty ! .. not always u do in life wht u wanted to at first !

Among my whole school life ...wht I miss is the concrete school builing ..I has been standing there for sometimes now .. u know every year a new batch of class Kg got in .. and they looked smaller than the last batch ..actually may be ..I was a year bigger .. never realised how life whizzed past .. the fun .. and moments of greif.. more than my friends who are busy with there ambitions ..I miss the monstorous school building most ..

Actually ..I gave that building ..13 years of my life .. 13 years of ..smiles .. tears .. everything ... I miss it ! .. I miss the tree with curled round the corner of the building .. the miss the shades of the canteen .. .. I miss the empty benches ..sometimes feel life rewinding a bit and going back through it !

Once I won 13 prizes in a lucky dip in a childrens day fete .. once I won a medal in sports meet .. a Bronze one i think .. .. .. i miss reading the newspaper early morning in the board... the miss the dusty fields of summer .... I miss life !

I miss the school fielding .. the awesome fourth floor ... and .. corner classroom of the first floor which was once class 1 C ..i think !

I miss my school ! And i think everyone who went to school for education and not to study does !

The nights seems to quiten up .. the storm seems to be picking up !

The ranting of the storms .. i am mesmerized ..Its just too beautiful at night .. its 3:00 AM .. ...

I simply love it !

For lies beyond it all !

When someone thinks I am in love ...think again ...when was I not in Love ..!

Deep warmth of the heart overflows from the .. hearty affections !

Do you know me really ? Think again ...may be u do not !



Monday, June 06, 2005

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