Thursday, September 29, 2005

Whimsical Thoughts - Life

I was just guessin’,
At numbers and figures,
Pullin’ the puzzles apart
Questions of science, Science and progress,
Do not speak as loud as my heart
Tell me you love me,
Come back to haunt me,
Oh when I rush to the start

There are a lot of things which come to your mind from time.May be there are a lot of things about which you want ot think but do not want to. There are lot of types of people in this world . some you understand but some you simply do not if u wanted too.

Life is very ordinary nowadays, you wake up from being asleep , you wish u dreamt a little. You stare at the world.You start running and running from place to place , running from one people to another. Just then you realise the day is coming to an end.You step into the night.Night holds forth nothing but a whole world full of faces who want to hide. Once into anonymity you shy away from the lights. Step back.

Time flies , I guess it does. People change , the world changes , the relations change. Change is life.Nice reflections I think as the waters are rarely still and calm

So meet me by the bridge,
meet me by the lane

When am I going to see that pretty face again
Meet me on the road,
meet me where I said
Blame it all upon
A rush of blood to the head

You run about the world searching for the truth and really seek to resolve it all when you are done.There are a lot broken lines around you.Broken lines , broken hearts , broken dreams.

The mist around this tree simply says it all .

There are a lot of things which are never done , never realised. I like it that , I love it that way. The objective is not clear , yet ur heading somewhere. Heading to a unknown desire and trying to be someone without a destination.

Not always you have the time to seek out a lot of things but like always u never know where life takes u .
Life takes it turn when u least expect it.

Sometimes I think I live in a world short of realities

Hard but true but at times u got to realise that the world refuses to leave a single bit of space for people who step back into the dream world.Leave the thoughts apart, leave apart the dreams.

Confusion never stops,
closing walls and ticking clocks

Come back and take you home,
I could not stop, that you now know

Come out upon my seas,
curse missed opportunities
Am I a part of the cure
or , am I a part of the disease ?

A short disclaimer : quotations are from songs by Coldplay , titled scientist , rush of blood to the head and clocks respectively. Check

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rains - Life

After a couple of days of rain which seemed to calm up the weather , today the weather has cleared up a bit. The rains always inspire me to write or rather ramble. Well , a month or so I was reading a book which contained excerpt from the diaries , old essays , some short poems of someone called Ruskin Bond. The title was ‘Rain in the Mountains’. His writings were very simple and they were based mainly on the rains and how mountain life was. It was wonderful reading the book. There were certain parts of the book when it took you the era in the 70’s in which the book was based.

Inspired heavily from that person I wish to carry on rambling about rains. Well , most of the hill stations in India was built and flourished during the Colonial era .May be the British people did a lot of malpractices in India , but thanks to them we do have some of the magnificent hill stations in the world.

I like the hills and they don’t disappoint me . And whenever I have been to the hills , I guess it has rained ( Nothing new I guess it always rains in the hills ). The beauty of hills lies in that the fresh mist seems to touch you whenever it rains. Darjeeling , such a lovely place, now overcrowded but still, it attracts you to itself time after time. May be we are kind of sentimental , and may be that is why Darjeeling is so special to every one of us.
I just love the early morning in the streets of Darjeeling , the sunset in Keventar’s ( Rings a Ray bell doesn’t it ) and now the latest attraction I guess is ‘Momo’. When you are in Darjeeling you are never sort of variety and if its peak season you are bound to meet someone , who walks up to you with a broad smile and says “ Ki dada kemon aachen ? Ekhane Kodin !”. But that is the charm of Darjeeling, when you walk in the morning you are bound to meet a lot of well dressed children walking up to their school .Darjeeling brings a feeling which is somewhat summarized in a Anjan Dutto song which says “Megh Korlei icche kore train ta dore feli”. I have seen Darjeeling in full bloom when the Rhododendron flooded and Bob Dylan flowed in the spirits.

Kalimpong, a hill station which has flourished along with Darjeeling is laid back outlet for you to relax. Sit back in the top of the mountain , take some fresh air , smell the rain in the air. The tall trees surround the path to the bungalow in which I resided. Cottage of some good ol’ Sahib converted into a tourist lodge by the non functioning tourism department. Tin roofed , wooden floored , complete with a fireplace, it made people think about the charms of bygone British Era. It was calm , it was a place where you could sit down for hours without saying anything to anyone yet not be bored. Loved the platter on the tin roofs when it rained. Surely wish to back there sometime soon. I have had the privilege of visiting many more hills in Himachal, Kashmir,Sikkim,Uttranchal but I have the above experiences one of the most relishing of all.

Well , rain in the cities it so much different. May be because , life is not so slow as it when you are vacationing in the hills. As we fasten up your life more and more , may be we will lose time to relish the rain. The idiomatic sarcasms of the city life lie in the ironies which define it. I am not against it as I guess I have to live with it . You can always slow down I guess if you want to. Look back , tread the path you wanted to take for some time now but did not have the time to do so. Take a step back , relish it.

The sweetness of rains needs to be caught hold of .Concrete puddles form in and out in the places as you walk. I don’t know why it always has to rain but somehow it has too. Life is becoming to concrete to enjoy , to much hurry to stop for a moment. Don’t why I question , when was the last time you walked barefoot on earth ?

Boredom leads to many kind of thoughts , I guess it does. May be boredom is essential to realize that I have a lot that I can do. A honest confession which says couldn’t find a note to end on. My thoughts are random and may be that is why I blog. From time to time I think of giving up blogging but somehow I get the urge to write something. May be I cannot write that well , but who cares , this is your own space to say something.

Eagerly looking forward to the ‘Durga Pujo’ , but there a hurdle to topple across before I reach there. People are busy shopping and thinking about there plans in the holidays. I have really no such concrete plan . But still I look forward to the whimsical days where the old faces show up after a while , meeting them. A few days of carefree fun and I think it is care free. A few days were nights are days I look forward to a lot of very simple days ( Although simple is a very relative word ).The smell of the ‘pujo’ air makes a lot of people somewhat sentimental, at least I do get the feeling. I guess I will get that smell when I hear “Ja devi Sarbabhuteshu” on the morning of Mahalaya.

Really , I see a part of blue skies amidst the cloudy skies which have led of incessant drizzles in the last couple of days. Wait , do I see sunshine ? I think I do.

Please do read this short peom :
Empty Verses

When the empty world
smiles at me

I see the sparkle in the cloud
Counting the Beats of the empty street

So many ppl around us
Yet the hearts around us are so empty !

nothing will help
The resolution to resolve

To be or not to be
I dont leave the imagination for the empty brain !

Broken into the domain
Crisp yet so very nasty

Strike me twice my dear lightning
Is there anything I can do for u ?

The cloudy skies speak to me
What to they speak ?

They speak of the same old empty realities

The facade of emptyness
The black and white realities

I destroy it all
I lose it all !

(A short Disclaimer : The picture is taken through my camera but not by me )

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rains - Beyond Love

Rain is so very sweetening. It leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. The clouds gather in the corner of the blue sky making it dark and as if to saw something which they wanted to saw something forever. You expect something to happen , be you expect the storm to blow. May be , there is a time for everything in the order of things. When you chance upon the sudden realization , that you are not alone. You feel like running. Something comes to your mind , that enigma track called “return to innocence”, don’t know why but it comes to your mind.

Well, when you were thinking so much of chained thoughts , it begins to rain. The clock refuses to accept the weather. It looks as if it is evening , the clock argues with it by proclaiming it is nowhere near the onset of evening , it loudly says time is stuck in point near the afternoon. May be this is how the perplexing thoughts hit you . Well , as it rains outside , I look on and the wind tries to force a battle with the paper in which I am writing.

Ruthless is the wind. It brings to my ear the call of “azan” from somewhere in town. The rains do not seem to matter to anyone , this is the time of the afternoon where everyone in the busy world seems to be very busy with their daily outlooks. May be I was a person left with nothing to do but may be stare at books and papers.

Anyway , winning the battle to capture the paper , I carry on this attempt to write. The raindrops carry on taking their flight from the clouds to the ground. The leaves take a few drops to look greener and greener . The passion of the green leaves is so simple.

This brings to my mind some of the memories of the not so long ago days of innocent childhood. Such days were fun , having spent a lot of the days time in the school , I look back the memories. It was fun to look out the cloudy skies from the open windows of the classrooms. The field was full of puddles. Coming back to home was fun , soggy boots , soiled shirts and waterlogged streets. The cars swam across the river like streets to create waves much to the dislike of the person on the street. Once I remember , a long time ago , our car got jammed in water and we were stuck. It was time where communication was may be not so much available , so we were stuck for a long time still someone invited us to their home to wait until a second car came to take us back home . The memory refrains me but of the little that comes to my mind that it took us 4 hours to get back home. It was something which comes to mind at time when I see street lights glowing in the time of broad daylight.Street lights celebrate rain I think , and trust me they do.

The sweetening effect of still moves some people. Not so long ago I saw someone kissing the raindrop and may be I thought all’s not over yet , it was kind of a wonderful sight.
Time moves on , nostalgia is always like this , tickles your heart so that you refuse to budge. Stints in life teach you the best days are days which are very simple in nature. Cliché’s are easy to find I guess but to be simple is a bit difficult.

The skies along with me await the onset of the festivities. The autumn skies which I look forward too and the glowing nights. May be the time comes when every year you meet a new hope and new urge to live on. Eagerness in my hearts leads to the chain of thoughts that move on into the life. The chain of my thoughts in very clear , I don’t want to be alone and look at a blank paper, it looks much better when it is filled up by words.
There’s something to look forward to , here goes the wind again.

May be the rain will stop now , may be the sun will shine before evening sets in. If not lets await a few days , I want the horizon smell of the festivities in place which the beat of indianised drums which speak upon the arrival of something.

Lets see what happens.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

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Broken dreams of a broken city ! Posted by Picasa

let me think !

Friday, September 02, 2005

Walking past - Beyond love

Walking past the same integration points .

Integrating the same old thoughts

Thinking into life

Thinking ..

How to change it

Do I need to ?

Sitting in a corner

Thinking alone

Leave apart the thoughts

What do I think ?

Has life lost its meaning ?

Whom am I questing ?

No one ..

so ..just kiss me and smile for

tell me that you will wait for me !

Nothing sort of miracle !

I walk past

you walk past ..

Where do I go now ?

I need not go anywhere !

See its easy..

I question and answer myself !

God knows what happens