Friday, October 28, 2005

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
Couresty : Coldplay - Fix You

So the time lay still for us to touch , someone wanted to go home..Needless to say where she was heading to , but the destination was unknown. Unknown was the fate.

If the lights wanted to say something.Something which needed to be heard.Something which wanted to be told,but no one had time to listen.

If I miss you , the reason is unknown.I guess too much is unknown.But why lament on what we do not know when we know so much.

Good god gave a broad smile.The authority of smiling seems to be lost.I guess I lose mine in the process.

The cyclic process of seeing things comes back to you.Burnt out memories like the candle which which flickers.The jungle where you once prowled. The livelihood of writing non sense.

Sense , wonder how relative that it. I wonder how far can you get like this.

Like the pouring rain
The questions pour into your mind

Nonsense , it is the dismissal
Lyrical abilities go biserk

Not often do you find yourself in the dark
Not often Do I look back at the past

Elements come alive
Losing control

Where do u go ??
There a hole in my soul

Ending up dreaming
about the mist that told you

Aah ,
leave me alone.

Thy ghost speaks
Thou shall not dream

Thy shadow reckons
Thou shall not look back

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Anonymous Niceties - Life

Two worlds

He stood amongst concrete lives, amidst a lot of people waiting for his turn to arrive.He had left the shelter in search of ??? What ? He questioned himself. There was a lot of things which bewildered him.He wanted to exit the urban chaos. She stood under the open skies,she was barefooted.Her leg was bleeding,she could go no more. She ran touch to the horizon.Failure , she realised from time to time but she would not accept it.The fields never seemed to end.She wished she was in a place where therewas no where to go. There was a lot in store for them.But they could not accept the world around them it seemed.or else why did they question each other.They would never meet.They would never see each other.But they both knew of each others existence. They sat there.Alone ? No ,they had each other for company.They had a lot of other things for company. Somethings gets you addicted to them so much that sometime you feel so weak with them. It feels as if , that you are in pain without any reason.Addiction is like this I guess. The music fades out, when you realise there is something which is meaning less but you want it.The foggy mind refuses to accept a lot of things.Lighten up is the message from the outer world.The outer world is at a constant turmoil with the inner world.There is no connection but there is a battle.Battles are fought and won in one's mind. The eyes are red , there are drops of tears which fall out of those eyes.It pained, It hurt.But nothing could stop them from flowing. The world was divided.Inspirations were lost.Only the dark seclusion carried people to unknown places. They walked towards each other and said a few words to each other.

At times when the timeless absurdities
question me

I look to you
Take me through the night

Let me down
When the unanswered past is all but you

Love is life
But life is lost

Lost among other things
I seek to dream of you

I hate it when I lose it
But winning was not for me

The invisible spirit moves around me
Past midnight

The clock ticks away
A known tune sounds bad

Night is too long to pass by
May be life is too short to realise I loved you !
Sunrise, looks nice I guess
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Durga Pujo - Peace - Life

This is the time we all celebrate
A celebration of the small nothings in life. We look forward to this time some time or the other in our daily grind through the walks of life.
So a short picture profile of a few of the pujo's in my neighbourhood.

The picture below is a picture of "Shasti".

Bless the world!

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The picture below is a picture of a very old durga pujo in our locality.Its very simple in nature , no glitz , no glamour.Simplicity is nice at times.

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"Mrinmoyi theke Chinmoyi"
The worship to idol is indeed worship to ones own soul

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Peace , Devi without arms Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A few words and a few photographs - Life

End where i started among the green leaves and raindrops !

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could not say a thing if i wanted to ! .. god bless the people who protect the place !  Posted by Picasa

words do not matter , when raindrops kiss the flower ! Posted by Picasa

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