Friday, November 04, 2005

Darkness O dear
Come what may
Do not know what percieves chance
Chance may u call it
Life may leave it
Looks like something is ought to happen

Hungy I am
After shock perceeds

Know what makes rhymes ?
But there is thoughts in the air

Capture the moment
Or you might as well get stuck in a moment
Eyes keep straining
The dogs keep barking

It was so beautiful
The pain was worth taking.

Have you ever taken a walk when everyone else was sleeping. The streets are empty. Sudden movement disturbs the dogs , they look up in protest. They are suprised.
Everything seems so very quiet for one's liking. I guess you do get frieghtened with the deafening silence in the order of things around you. Street lights beaming yet no one in the streets. Aah , out of the silence you hear the odd whistle of the night gaurd doing his rounds.
You want to run endlessly , without any aim. But you have to refrain. Because somethings are better thought and not done.

Down that place

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Really was not in a mood to post now. Because I have a kind of a headache. Leaving that apart....

Here is a wish to celebrate the festival of lights. Light up every corner you can. Light up the streets , Light up the hearts.

A lot of life lies amidst that hand which refuses to let the light blow out.The light shall not blow out for the celebration lies amidst our hearts.

A promise to unite , a promise to do the small good thing.
May the festival lighten up everyone.

The wish. The darkned alleys. The lights.

Beyond dreams lies reality...
Beyond me lies the promise to live...

Beyond darkness lies lights
Beyond pain lies a smile....

Subho Deepavali