Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The trail of time finally took over
The water really cut through the stone

We turned a stone
Like a emotinal stupid I cried

Nothing special
The end of a battle

The battle we fought among ourselves
Along with fire and water

The stopping moments haunted
The twinkling star shined

The everlasting smile
The warm hug

All forgotten and gone
Leave the moments apart

Moving forward as we bleed
The morning wind washed away the pain

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Looked like a new turn every morning
The wind never stopped flowing
The heart never stopped beating

Looks like a new evening
A new grimreaper walks

The crying eyes turn red
The ready to eat food turns bad

Earthy recessions ..
The unity of viens fade

Shadow faded ..
someone walked past me
I could not look back
I could not talk back

Monday, May 29, 2006

The sleeping beauty awakes
In her eyes the world sees

Oceons tremble
The earths shatter

The stream of water
Clean sorrounding hurt

Fine grains of dust
Gone is the past

Eyes is all that remains
Clear nights and unspoken truths

Friday, May 26, 2006

Thoughful nights
Never ending tryst

Crying storm hits the city
Amidst a jungle

The tiger roars
Amidst closed eyes

The dream lives
Strange lines
but stronger arms

The bullet fires
Gushing water moves fast

Dying city learns to live
Intoxicated eyes ..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

thoughts blur away
I seek respite

The eyes try to close
Ear are overstrained

Looks like there isnt much to say
Night moves aways

With you in my arms
the chains are around me

Thursday, May 18, 2006


She looked through the glass windows at the city that seemed to eat her up.With time , she had slowly been engulfed in the dark side of the city and she let the water flow.She sat alone hoping to hear something.She had betrayed herself.She wanted to die but could not as life did not allow her too. She dreamed of a paradise where she wanted to live rest of her life. May be , in the dark circumspects of life she had lost a part of herself.

City seemed to be undittered by her unhappiness as the people around her moved with the usual pace, cars moved around with the same pace.Lonely , may it was the word she could describe herself.

She had never wanted anything from life and may be that is the case which brought her into this place.She did not hesitate to look into the face of death.But it was useless chasing death around rather than calming her own senses under the influence of alchohol.In a trance she danced around unknown territorries , she wanted to breathe.She had dream but she never wanted to fulfill it.She never spoke of it.She jumped into the dark waters but the water seemed to be ungrateful to accept her body as a gift.

A chant followed, the sound was too surreal.The clock was ticking, and to some people's utter dismay it keeps ticking.Trance of eyes in a dark seemed to a prenomition.It is easier for the flowing water to find a course into the sea.But still , calm seas are seldom seen.Light may go out very soon , the experience may be over soon.But someone must guide me home.
Fighting a lost battle , the cry of war is often heard.The warrior moves forward in dressed to kill,but the plans may be different.The plans may be of peace.Confusing traits arise out of no where. Fine lessons are to be learnt from tales of failures.

His heart skipped a bit whenever he thought of her.His escape to the vast open spaces would let him go off this point of no return.

He walked by the river which flowed down the valley without respite.He seemed to be pure.Purity however was relevent as his love towards her was pure.The destruction of city had taken him to this place.He lived alone.The noise that he heard was of nature.He seemed to have lost his voice , he wondered if he could speak up again but there was no one to speak to apart from himself.

Every morning when he bathed in the cold chilling water of the river , he wondered what made this water to pure.The only answer he got was it kept flowing.He took a deep breath and took in the pure air.He was at peace.He forgot about the betrayal , he forgot about having lost pace in the city, he was at his own pace with life.

It was not easy for her to lead her life amidst the sense of guilt and betrayal.Sanctify thy soul was the answer she got from her inner voice.Around her lay a lot of people who seldom listened to it or perhaps never heard it.

A point where a person seeks respite in Alcholism and a point where a person seeks respite in silence.

Green loyalist often live a life in concrete households, a patch of concrete seems to be cementing thier hearts.The blood seems to lose colour , red is no longer the colour it turns pale blue.The cold blooded organisms dwell in the civilizations of the future.They have lost thier mind long ago to some machine , the vices of mankind had seeped into them.The potrait seemed to be turning gray , with time , with pollution.
I cant breathe,I feel my lungs collapsing any moment now.There goes a piece of the broken moon.I am torn apart into pieces, the flesh seems to dry.Splinters of air seem to drill into my flesh.I look at death in my eyes.Then I closed my eyes and I dreamt.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nature has some of its own appeals , and nature designs itself with care.
The above photograph is a design made on sand by a group of tiny miniscule hard working crabs. DONT BELIEVE ME ??
Its true . look around around you will release the designs of nature unveiling itself. I seem to be photographing a lot of sunsets nowadays .Hope its nice !