Sunday, December 23, 2007

Which you are Merry Christmas !!
Best wishes to everyone !!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Adventure is something which is inborn in each one's soul. Every human soul has the spirit of adventure embedded in itself. So in search of soul and hence in search of adventure last weekend we made our way to hrisikesh , in the abode of the Ganga.

The place was really a place , where you could get lost. Let me take you through the place in pictures :

This is how it looked like.

Beauty beyond bound.

Moon shine

If I was equipped with words to describe the experience , I would but forgive me.
I loved every bit of it. It was worth ..

Friday, October 26, 2007

It has been some time that I have posted last. Like always things have changed. Changed for the good I believe, or as I choose to believe. It is end of October , and we are waiting the onset of winter here. It has started becoming a bit cold.

Lets go through the changes in order. I have got a new lappy and a new net connection which enables me to blog after so long. Actually I really cannot merge my personal life with my office , I wish not to. But I stay in such a place where office is warmer place than home. Office is where all your life is.

Sometimes in the deep dark night , I discover a lot of things. A lot of things which remain unearthed in my mind and soul. I often contemplate the decision to join the job and leave a life so different to one I am used to. I fight to keep myself in shape and myself in order.

Success is alluring but only few people achieve it. There were a lot of paths to success. I have chosen a path which is so very harsh and will strengthen me as I believe

There are other things in life which sometimes bother me. Being asked to dependent to someone , the act of responsibility. I cannot ask the someone not to depend on me so much because it seems I have no choice.

I am listining to a song called afterglow. I think I have blogged about that before , but still a couple of lines from that song.

Here I am,
Lost in the light of the moon,
That comes through my window.

Bathed in blue,
The walls of my memory divides,
The thorns from the roses.
It's you and the roses.
I was thinking of this post for a long time. But somehow did not get the urge to go forward with them. Went home for Durga Puja , last weekend. A few spectacular pics have been posted above.

There has been a lot of things I cannot write about and wish not write about.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It has been sometime,
so the nomadic life continues,
i have shifted to a new place , a new room to share with myself.I am not sure whether this is the way to go. But it is better than before.
I need to control the increasing belly , I need to get a hold of myself.I am learning a lot, a few friends and a few people seem so much of a distant memory.

Thoughts puzzle me at time. I have been reading a lot in the while. Gobbling down the the pages of Namesake, English August, Eleven Minute,Zahir.

Books are one of the many ways to cherish life. I am learning to write in a manner which would remain with me a lot , the sooner I take it into my blood , better I will be.

I have worn a Pink Striped Peter England shirt, people would have easily said Eeeew back in college. But life changes and this is not college.

I am idle for a long period today and I cannot take up new work as I am forward booked in capacity.

Learning never stops, life never stops.I might be having a quality review today, hope that is not bad as it seems.

Anyway , carry on the ups and downs, lets see when we meet again

It might rain when we meet, we may lose a bit of control of our words.We might be engrossed in the moment, but thats life.It will be special.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I has rained and rained quite beautifully.
Observing the rain from 8th floor is quite nice. Among the concrete jungles of gurgaon , it was kinda hurting for my eyes. I was searching for the green pastures , I was searching for green horizons.
It was nice weather , it was a cool breeze and it was cool place to be.

The eyes have been hurt to often by the LCD screen that I stare into.
Lifeless eyes staring at life beyond the glass window. Friends in college are restarting their second life in college from today , hope they find the stay as sweet as they found it for last 3 years.

I got my marksheet today, scanned and sent to me by mama. Finally got to know how i fared in the exam.But they hardly matter it seems now i am in a life of deadlines and excel models.

Feeling are stagnant,anyway seems off to home is the way to go.

I will go home and lay back , think , read and sleep.
A few things like my account keep niggling me , wrong English is also a point.

I want the things to be sorted , I want things in order so that life smooths out.

have i said to much ?
or have I said nothing ?

please answer me back , please find me good luck.
I face questions a lot from people around me back home.
I cant answer them all , please forgive me if I hurt someone.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Time passes by like anything ,
It has been a month since i have joined the new job.

I never expected it to pass so quickly, It passes by in one mode, every day rushes and hushes.
Monday morning blues and saturday night fever , life here is one gear

Time shifts past your hands, there is a lot to be done.

I am waiting for it to rain , when the dark clouds summon to rain and they let you feel the drops on your face

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Been a while
i am here in a place called gurgaon
i have joined a job.
Hope , life stays as it is.

I tend to be a nostalgic about friends and home.
But choice is the one u opted for
,it was my choice

so , no regrets as off.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

So , finally exams are over.
A breath of fresh air hits you as you enjoy a big one month gap before the practical exams.
So , started with spiderman 3 , first day first show.
Nice movie with impressive special effects
and i am sure it will have some impressive box office records to show for.

So . time flows by as in a month of or so , we will be out of college.Official graduation certificates will be given long long time after thanks to the brilliant work of calcutta university.Ya, thats my famous university.

So , earlier this week , had a chance to meet Sania Mirza, (once ) famous tennis star.
But the attraction was the Vanilla Ice cream and Hot chocolate mud pie , Sania became secondary in moments.
However leave you with pics of sania , that i took that day.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spiderman 3 is going to be releasing this weekend.
Found some cool wallpapers of them , so , let me share them .
the last one was really good one.
Theres not much to blog about, going through times just like that.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

None of this pictures are taken by me , nor do i remember the original owners , i came across them while surfing random orkut albums . Beautiful pictures , sad that i cannot accredit them to the owner.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just an occasion to greet each other.
Smile with open hearts.
!! Subho Noborsho !!
Noborsher er notun aalo te poripurno hok
Shobar mone er supto icche gulo
Aalokito hok shobar jibon

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Somethings in life are bound to happen.
somethings in life are bound to change.

In between dreams is one of the albums of jack johnson. His music is like fresh air in the age of electronica.So are his album covers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nothing much ,
wanted to share some music and some pictures.

First there is this album cover by jack johnson which looked impressive to me.

I love this persons music too.
But I am going to share a piece called Elomelo Hoya , its just a guitar solo.

Hopefully you can listen to it , if you cannot , download it from here

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Celebration of life in a different time.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today is April Fool's day.
Today is my birthday.
Like a self proclaiming fool , I am declaring my birthday in public.
Quite weird of me . Don't know , after all I am all but a fool.

Like small little rain drops , Life has been pleasant and heart warming.Life has been a gift as Ashok , the protagonist says in 'namesake'. Time has been passing away like a priceless entity.
Relationships are ever more precious and hard to find.

Simple life is all I aspire and hope i reach it some day.

Friday, February 09, 2007

It was raining yesterday , so I took a couple of pictures through the fibre glass windows.
Looks nice to me , I do not know whether they appeal to everyone or not.

Finer life appeals through the windows ..
Optional choice ? Whatever that
Happiness is just a word !

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I cant get this song out of my mind today especially in this version where avril is singing a part of the song. I just love the song.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Two years of blogging

Well , as time has passed by my blog has become a couple of years old !
Nice it feels to have my own small place in this huge virtual world. I got inspired to blog after seeing the tsunami blog. I liked the idea.

There has been a lot of changes in my life and around me.A sense of change often grips me nowadays. I am not sure why ? Do I suffer from the fear of getting lost ?

Even the blogger world has changed. A majority of the hep people have moved on to orkut nowadays , there are few of the old fellows who still enjoy blogging and reading blogs of worth.

There are lot of blog I really enjoy reading I guess , people who blog just for sharing bits and pieces of life , people who share a part of their imagination , people who share their wit.

I changed the name of my blog sometime ago , to a much more sombre outlook. The dark side of the moon is alluring enough a reason to name my blog after it.

Life has changed.People have changed . Even may be I have changed. I realize that even more sometimes that when I meet some people.
For example, there was this old friend of mine whom I met a few days ago after may be a couple of years. I couldn't really start speak much , what would I speak about ? I am finishing college , he is in the dawn of his college life. I guess he might also be finding himself a bit of place in college after dropping a couple of years. He was one of the persons with whom I shared a lot of my views in school.
There is a group of friends of school with whom I share more of life now than I did in school. I guess time makes you understand a lot of things.

I fear failure at times . I fear being alone at times. I fear that there are lot of people waiting with knives for me around me. It's not the friends whom I fear , it's the whole society I fear.
At times, this fear sets me going.

I know , there is hardly anyone who reads this blog. But I am sure they are not the people who read the blog when I started it. You see , this is another example that Time has changed and you cannot just stop the wheel of time.