Saturday, January 06, 2007

I cant get this song out of my mind today especially in this version where avril is singing a part of the song. I just love the song.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Two years of blogging

Well , as time has passed by my blog has become a couple of years old !
Nice it feels to have my own small place in this huge virtual world. I got inspired to blog after seeing the tsunami blog. I liked the idea.

There has been a lot of changes in my life and around me.A sense of change often grips me nowadays. I am not sure why ? Do I suffer from the fear of getting lost ?

Even the blogger world has changed. A majority of the hep people have moved on to orkut nowadays , there are few of the old fellows who still enjoy blogging and reading blogs of worth.

There are lot of blog I really enjoy reading I guess , people who blog just for sharing bits and pieces of life , people who share a part of their imagination , people who share their wit.

I changed the name of my blog sometime ago , to a much more sombre outlook. The dark side of the moon is alluring enough a reason to name my blog after it.

Life has changed.People have changed . Even may be I have changed. I realize that even more sometimes that when I meet some people.
For example, there was this old friend of mine whom I met a few days ago after may be a couple of years. I couldn't really start speak much , what would I speak about ? I am finishing college , he is in the dawn of his college life. I guess he might also be finding himself a bit of place in college after dropping a couple of years. He was one of the persons with whom I shared a lot of my views in school.
There is a group of friends of school with whom I share more of life now than I did in school. I guess time makes you understand a lot of things.

I fear failure at times . I fear being alone at times. I fear that there are lot of people waiting with knives for me around me. It's not the friends whom I fear , it's the whole society I fear.
At times, this fear sets me going.

I know , there is hardly anyone who reads this blog. But I am sure they are not the people who read the blog when I started it. You see , this is another example that Time has changed and you cannot just stop the wheel of time.