Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I has rained and rained quite beautifully.
Observing the rain from 8th floor is quite nice. Among the concrete jungles of gurgaon , it was kinda hurting for my eyes. I was searching for the green pastures , I was searching for green horizons.
It was nice weather , it was a cool breeze and it was cool place to be.

The eyes have been hurt to often by the LCD screen that I stare into.
Lifeless eyes staring at life beyond the glass window. Friends in college are restarting their second life in college from today , hope they find the stay as sweet as they found it for last 3 years.

I got my marksheet today, scanned and sent to me by mama. Finally got to know how i fared in the exam.But they hardly matter it seems now i am in a life of deadlines and excel models.

Feeling are stagnant,anyway seems off to home is the way to go.

I will go home and lay back , think , read and sleep.
A few things like my account keep niggling me , wrong English is also a point.

I want the things to be sorted , I want things in order so that life smooths out.

have i said to much ?
or have I said nothing ?

please answer me back , please find me good luck.
I face questions a lot from people around me back home.
I cant answer them all , please forgive me if I hurt someone.