Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It has been sometime,
so the nomadic life continues,
i have shifted to a new place , a new room to share with myself.I am not sure whether this is the way to go. But it is better than before.
I need to control the increasing belly , I need to get a hold of myself.I am learning a lot, a few friends and a few people seem so much of a distant memory.

Thoughts puzzle me at time. I have been reading a lot in the while. Gobbling down the the pages of Namesake, English August, Eleven Minute,Zahir.

Books are one of the many ways to cherish life. I am learning to write in a manner which would remain with me a lot , the sooner I take it into my blood , better I will be.

I have worn a Pink Striped Peter England shirt, people would have easily said Eeeew back in college. But life changes and this is not college.

I am idle for a long period today and I cannot take up new work as I am forward booked in capacity.

Learning never stops, life never stops.I might be having a quality review today, hope that is not bad as it seems.

Anyway , carry on the ups and downs, lets see when we meet again

It might rain when we meet, we may lose a bit of control of our words.We might be engrossed in the moment, but thats life.It will be special.