Friday, October 26, 2007

It has been some time that I have posted last. Like always things have changed. Changed for the good I believe, or as I choose to believe. It is end of October , and we are waiting the onset of winter here. It has started becoming a bit cold.

Lets go through the changes in order. I have got a new lappy and a new net connection which enables me to blog after so long. Actually I really cannot merge my personal life with my office , I wish not to. But I stay in such a place where office is warmer place than home. Office is where all your life is.

Sometimes in the deep dark night , I discover a lot of things. A lot of things which remain unearthed in my mind and soul. I often contemplate the decision to join the job and leave a life so different to one I am used to. I fight to keep myself in shape and myself in order.

Success is alluring but only few people achieve it. There were a lot of paths to success. I have chosen a path which is so very harsh and will strengthen me as I believe

There are other things in life which sometimes bother me. Being asked to dependent to someone , the act of responsibility. I cannot ask the someone not to depend on me so much because it seems I have no choice.

I am listining to a song called afterglow. I think I have blogged about that before , but still a couple of lines from that song.

Here I am,
Lost in the light of the moon,
That comes through my window.

Bathed in blue,
The walls of my memory divides,
The thorns from the roses.
It's you and the roses.
I was thinking of this post for a long time. But somehow did not get the urge to go forward with them. Went home for Durga Puja , last weekend. A few spectacular pics have been posted above.

There has been a lot of things I cannot write about and wish not write about.