Sunday, October 26, 2008

As another day passes by in my stay in Jo'burg, life goes on. I am awake in the middle of the night about 3:35 am in the morning when I feel this sudden wish to let myself of the hook and write something. Its been so long since I wrote something again. I think I will write about the place , the people that I have met here ..

So as your South African Airways flight lands the first time in OR Tambo Int'l Airport, you wonder why we are flying over vast expanses of land and then over some blue plastic shaded shacks just as the plane touches the ground.

You step into the car and then feel the speed of the freeway, you wonder on whats right and whats wrong. You know nothing about the place .. you just know a lot of people how have known have been here and had a nice time around the place.

Looks like life ..questions you on .. You wake up in the middle of morning feeling badly tired and jet lagged.. you wonder if you are up for the challenge.

The people you meet in the day are so difficult to understand. You ..get to have difficult times as you progress forward.. you need to understand more and more you move forward..

You have your good times drinking red wine and have your bad times being stressed on work and life as a whole.

You feel that you have fucked up when you go to a meeting and see things are going horribly wrong .. you feel ... where should I go to hide my tears ??

But time heals you .. you get applauded and you get greeted among the best.. a lot of the time .. you establish what others have been trying to do .. you wonder .. wonder and feel it has all been worth.

In midst of this all , you miss home and visit home for a day.. passing through a desert country. You think you have visited the darkest side of the moon and moon's phase in life.. as we go about life...

u wonder ..where u should start and were you get lost ..u wonder.. u wonder if u should mention the funny Russian who u lended money or the Swiss ..who is the weirdest person  u ever met.

You bet you want to sleep now.. you really want to .. for all that you have written above is about 1% of your experience. Think again .. think hard.. may 1% of your experience is worth immortalizing ..worth .. taking the risk and gain.. it is that 1% which might make the difference

Life such is so ..much .. life loves you back.. life goes on ..