Monday, January 19, 2009

I cannot stop myself from blogging from this wonderful song which I came across it so has a rustic feeling to it which just bowls you over. . .

Masakali ..Masakali ..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rainy clogged Jo'burg streets

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new year.. a long time with the blog..  it turned 4 recently..  from a raving lunatic to random ramblings... 

It seems destiny forbids me often from having a nice enjoyable travel.. it ends up in delayed trains, delayed flights, missed connections ... delayed baggage's .. and torn baggage's also sometimes..

Thanks to destiny, I had to spend a sudden night in Dubai.. Just found out why it is what it is ..

First of all , I was chauffeur driven by a South Indian from the Airport to the Le Meridian.. amidst the desert a nice fancy hotel having a dedicated wing only for Emirates.. 

After spending some quite time , I decided I need to have some dinner and go around... I arrived at the lobby ..  there was live music.. 

I went to a oriental place called 'Long Yin' to eat.. I was served by a Goan.. multicultural ..what say ..

It was time to hit Dubai In a Lexus driven by someone who was from my neighbouring country ..

it was interesting..listing to hindi music "agar tum mil jao" .. and good old himesh .."jhalak diklaja".. and seeing the golden city so to say.. 5 star hotels.. and more hotels...  some even had some floors within the sea.. interesting.... when you have been staying in a hotel for last 6 months.. its very interesting to go around and look at hotels for sight seeing.. 

Had exactly 10 mins to go around Mall of emirates.. all i got get is a rate for a iPod nano at 700 dirhams.. did not have enough time to convert... who cares at 11 pm in the night..

So that.. Dubai.. for me.. brilliant 12 lane highways..  ( 6 up . 6 down ).. A/C bus stops.. super luxury ..and a lot of people from the subcontinent .. .

It was me , my mobile and Dubai.. 

Happy New Year to everyone !! May the year be as enjoyable as chocolate !!