Monday, February 23, 2009

Well.. well.. well.. like a lot of other sunday's in life.. i sit staring into a laptop while it rains outside.  Reflecting on the weekend of mixed propotions ..

A running stomach. delhi 6. white tiger, medicines, muffins, vegeatable and chicken stew and also a a whole lot of television including "Devild wear the prada" ..

a mixed variety really .. and this may be in all probablity the last weekend in Jo'burg for me. 

I really found "White tiger" very intriguing . The way it bring together the whole cliche's of indian society. I think SDM also bring together a lot of the cliche's of Indian life and everyday things that we see but a lot of the times refuse to see again.. 

Delhi 6 was a mixed movie did not give me a clear message to live with ...or go out with.. though I had to run to public toilet to help my stomach ..

Tomorrow morning, I again take the journey towards the old famed building called "Carlton Centre" . The tallest building in Africa. It's like a consuming giant..  and yes .. it has some crazy lifts which blocks off your ears. I will resume my preparation for training few people .. and resume the daily journey towards life.

I currently watching "Jay Leno Show", I somehow think Oye  its friday .. is modelled on it.    Anyway .. so much for now..