Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gulaal - Colours of cinema

Saw a movie called "Gulaal" , through this afternoon.

It is about the politics in Rajput land. But it also shows the sadistic brilliance of a character , a character who changes through the course of the movie.

Movie which uses colors to shade the mood of the character. Its also the fact that he has used that in his previous movies "Dev D" and "Black Friday".

Black Friday shone in the dark room interrogations. Dev D was shining in the multi colored facets of Dev and Chanda.  I think over the movies , he also uses the retro light effect to a lot. 

I think that's what makes the movies so realistic , so much out of the real life.

Gulaal showcases effective use of background music to tell the story. He does a 'Bandeh' with 'O Re Duniya'

I think 'O re Duniya' and some of the songs is thoughtful and contemporary. It is realist cinema at India's Rajputana heartland.

3-4 females characters also shape the movie. The end where the female protagonist is strumming a a guitar while somewhere someone is dying due her plots is very well  placed. 

The thing about the movie is either you like it or u hate it. There is very little middle ground. Well for me, I would love to collect this movie and watch this in times end fag end of the night.

Also watched a movie called "Rachael getting married" starring Anna Hathway. She is brilliant and movie was also quite awesome. Shot in a handheld camera has a nice effect to it. But with a combination of everything it just sweeps you slowly into  your mind. 

I think movie are also becoming as powerful as books to make people think but ya it restrains your imagination to some faces and some background. But well, we captives of technology will continue to dwell amongst both and think into past and future to combine both as a part of our lives.

Otherwise, all well , will be leaving this place in a couple of weeks. At least I am made to think so.