Sunday, May 10, 2009

Of Sundays. nothing-ness and more of nothing

Well .. well.. back into the sweating desert and we sure are sweating it out in 43 degree plus temperatures where the Air conditioner fails to cool you... and what does that mean ? You have a whole weekend of doing nothing and more of nothing ..

I think that becomes like the best weekend you can have here.. nothing  ..

Well, you do somethings like .. talking an occasional walk or to bother your brain about what should we have lunch and dinner ..and a lot of nothing involved.. so too much of wellness involved.. 

Here is a top 5 list which bothers your nothing-ness  weekend :
  1. Ordering food.. piling through countless number of handbills to find the perfect restaurant .. and most of the times you end up ordering from the same place you ordered last time
  2. Delivery boys .. you order food or water or any other thing .. the promise is to deliver as soon as possible .. and when you are calling after 2 hours after the order .. the reply .. "raste pe hai .. 10 min pe pauch jayega" 
  3. Taking a bath .. Well for a lot people taking a bath on the weekend is similar to climbing the mount Everest ( yes, even in such hot temperatures ) 
  4. Answering your mom's telephone calls - It seems that your mom/parents have given up with you .. when.ever in the day, the call comes a question remains have you woken up and then continues a never-ending truth about making changes to your life style and serving the humanity..
  5. Last but not the least .. dodging .."bhai" like creatures .. well .. in a such hostel like society there always is a person who is often regarded as "Bhai" and his sole ideology in life is have 'jugads' .. well what is a 'jugad' is indeed an art of living on someone else's resources and saving on potential cost/efforts. You never know when the attack will come but it can as low as something as a bottle of water to ..a packet of maggi to a full scale dinner + drinks ..
More on bhai ka jugad and then behen the dodging tactics .. may be later .. that is life in the jungle of silver oaks ..

Also the most hunted animal in this jungle is a person with a car .. once you have a car , a lot of people feel like late night drives and going to India gate or midnight buffets .. well once you hunt that person down .. so all the car owners.. fire up the road .. for we are looking to hunt some game. ( PS : We have one hunted down one now very rare dramatic species for this weekend )

I am watching "Dr Munshir Diary" of Feluda ..tele movies..  we might go out for dinner later in the evening to a south Indian place .. not exactly a huge fan of south Indian .but still I don't mind ..

also we have a match of KKR .. and waiting for Fake IPL post after that .. lets how Lordie fairs today .. 

Well.. thats all for now .. also planning to get a camera ..lets see how that goes ..