Friday, July 17, 2009

Antanheen - Bhangchur ..


I finally managed to watch the movie Antaheen. I had heard a lot about this movie , the fact that it was a very good movie .

To say , I loved the movie .. the way they have managed to show the relationships and how they have made it contemporary.

Though somehow, a police officer chatting from his office is a little bit of imagination but apart from that .. it was all quite nicely done.

It had a spirit of short stories, where the story ends but it really does not end. I was a bit suprised that a movie which settled for a such a uncanny love story where the heroine dies .. and the love remains ..

I donno , I think a hindi movie would have dramatized it enough for a rebirth or a last moment wake up from the bed to really bring a smile to audiences , but Antaheen does not do that.

But I enjoyed the romance that it showcased where you speak without speaking so much. Certain things are best left unsaid ? It showcased how a lot of people speak these days, I do speak with a lot of friends this way.

For some , its been years since I have last met them but still you interact and you speak. I think that is the power of this new media , the social networks that we say about. Suddenly, the world is such a smaller place to live in. I can see someone travelling to Korea and on the other hand just enjoying a lazy rainy afternoon.

After all , life is a game where you things are built and things are demolished. At a point , you win some and you lose some .

You remember somethings and you forget somethings .. please do remember me ..