Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new year started earlier this year.. and now we are well into the new year. New year.. new thoughts.. a bunch of new aspirations and resolutions.

At this point of time confusion reigns in my mind , may be things will clear up as we go on. I close my eyes and all I see is standing on an edge of a cliff .. amongst the clouds.. the way around is hazy and it is hard to make a step for that might be your last one. But you never know may be that step will take you to heaven.

Sounds confusing ?? :)

As we continue on our daily journey of lifeless emotions and casual exchanges, I see a few faces .. a few emotions and may be a little pain which resides with me.
Had a great movie marathon week and over the extended weekend .. some very nice movies like "Up in the air", "Up" and "the boat that rocked".

Materialistic desires submerges life but you must realize..life is beyond ..beyond me ..beyond you .. beyond the horizon ..

Sleepless nights ..or rather a choice to be sleepless because you want to feel sleep during the day. That feeling which would help you fight your consciousness and drowse that in the emails and facebook updates..

Few words from a nice song :

Bondhu tomar chokher majhe chinta khela kore
Bondhu tomar kopal
jure chinta loker chaya
Bondhu tomar naker bhaje chinta namer kaya
Bondhu amar mon bhalo nei tomar ki mon bhalo?
Bondhu tumi ektu hesho ektu kotha bolo
Bondhu amar, bondhu tumi, bondhu mora kojon
Tobuo bondhu, mon holona apon

If we cannot interpret the same, it is a few words from a song talking to a friendship asking him ..why so many thoughts .. friendship is all you have....